Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brush Embroidery Cookies

Today I tried my hand at brush embroidery cookies.

I was so excited to try this technique.
Unfortunately, nothing went right with them from the very beginning.
Every step of the way, something went wrong.
I thought for sure these cookies would only be seen
by the immediate family.

In the end, I think this technique hid a multitude of sins
and didn't turn out to badly.

I will try it again in the near future.
Next time I am sure they will turn out better now that I
have had some practice.

Until next time, 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy National Popcorn Day!

You didn't know it was National Popcorn Day?
Do you live in a cave?
I thought everyone knew that January 19th was National Popcorn Day.

Okay, I didn't know today was National Popcorn Day either
until I did some digging.
I suppose an explanation is in order so here goes!
I have this friend, Tammy, (she's weird but a friend none the less) that
came into work last Friday (Jan. 13th) and announced
that she was so excited that it was Adverb Day.
What? Are you kidding me! A day just for adverbs!
Well, I figured I will show her I can be just as weird as she is.

Because of the way our days off fall during the week, I haven't
seen her since "Adverb Day" and today will be the first
day we work together again.
I did some research and although I couldn't find anything as unusual
as Adverb Day, I did find that January 19 is
National Popcorn Day.
I have asked everyone at work to wish her a
"Happy National Popcorn Day" when they cross paths.
I also made this little bouquet and filled it with some royal icing
popcorn cookies I made, some microwave popcorn,
some yellow crinkle paper and some balloons on sticks
to commemorate the occasion.

The cookies were made quickly so they are not my best work
but I think they still turned out cute.

Hope it's a great one!

Until next time,