Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Owl Tea Light Ornament

Todays cutie is a Christmas Owl.
He goes together quickly once you have all
the pieces cut out.
 I colored the tea light flame orange for his beak.

When making the cut file, I wanted some dimension
to his chest crest (is that what you call it?) so I
added some cut lines and slightly pulled them
up with my fingernail.
I then inked those edges to make make them
stand out more.
If you don't care to ruffle your owl's feathers (pun intended),
I have included in the cut file an optional plain chest crest. 
Wouldn't this little guy look cute made up with
designer Christmas papers?
The back of the ornament is done the same way
as the rest of the ornaments I have posted.
This step isn't necessary but it give such
a nice finished look from the backside.
If you would like to make your own
Christmas Owl Tea Light Ornament
you can download the MTC file here:

Until next time, 


Lynne Armstrong said...

THANK YOU Becky Jo...I LOVE owls! He's so sweet, I want to go and make him right now lol I wish I could make files like this...someday maybe!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the Owl! He is adorable.

A-M said...

I have a friend who collects owls of all descriptions so I will enjoy making one of these for her. Thank you for much for sharing your talent with us.

Anonymous said...

Love it....thanks...

Unknown said...

Hi! I love this ornament but I'm not able to open MTC files in my computer is there any other available format? I would love to be able to do them for christmas. Thank you!

Becky Jo said...

So sorry but the file is only available in MTC format.

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