Monday, November 26, 2012

Elf Tea Light Ornament

Here is the next installment of the tea light ornaments.
A cute little elf.

I wish my pictures were better but it's night and
we use the energy saving bulbs which do
not allow you to take good pictures.
He goes together quickly as there is only 3 pieces to him
not including the eyes.

I was in a hurry to finish him up tonight so I could get him
posted for you all so this isn't my best work.
He's still "wet" and looks cross eyed but you all get
the idea of the basic file. 
I won't be using cotton balls for the trim again as
it was a pain in the but to work with.  I had the cutest
maribou trim but it was a little to large for the brim
of his hat so I went with the cotton as it is what I had
on hand.
I added the little jingle bell to the pom of his hat and
it sounds so sweet .
Here is what he looks like lite up.
And in case you want to know what the back of
the ornaments look like here is the reverse side.
Hope you enjoy the file!
You can find it for download  here:

Until next time, 


Linda said...

He is so cute, love him, thank you again

Lisa said...

I think I'll try cotton quilt batting on the hat. Very cute little guy! Thanks for sharing him and the directions.

Anonymous said...

I cant download the file is there a different way to find out how you make there?

Becky Jo said...

I just checked the download and it works fine for me. As you didn't say exactly why you can't download the file, I'm not able to come up with any answers for you, sorry.

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