Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gingerbread Man or Woman Tea Light Ornament

I have another cutie for you today,
a Gingerbread Tea Light Ornament!
(Excuse the bad picture with the shadows)

Your just gonna have to ignore his crooked little face
as this is my prototype. It's 3:38 a.m., I just finished
him up and am to tired to make a good one.
With this file I have included a second set of eyes
and a bow in case you want to make a
Gingerbread girl.
About the bow, you may just want to use
ribbon as the bow I have included isn't
the easiest to put together and a ribbon would
give some dimension.
Hope you enjoy the MTC file
which you can find here to download:

Until next time, 


Linda said...

yummy.thank you again

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