Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snowman Tea Light Ornament

Are you all sick of these ornaments yet?
If not, today I have made a Snowman Tea Light Ornament.
He didn't come out exactly as planned but he is cute non-the-less.
I think  it has something to do with his eyes being white on
a white background. To remedy this, I went back
and modified my original file to include an optional
black shadow layer for around eyes. 
After he was put together I wished I had run a black
Sharpie marker around them. It would have made them
stand out a little more. 
Being that there isn't a lot of color to him I tried to give
some dimension to the ornament where I could.
To start with I used glitter cardstock for the band on his hat.
It's flat looking in this picture but really does stand out.
I had planned on embossing his hat pieces but got so engrossed
in putting him together I forgot.  I think that would have been real cute.
To add more dimension I used foam dots to make the brim of
his had stand out along the top rim.

If your going to add the foam dots, like I did, color the edges of the dots
before you adhere the brim of the hat to the template.  I wasn't thinking
about the dots being white and they stuck out like a sore thumb when
you looked at the ornament from the top.  I was able to sqeeze a
Sharpie marker in there and get them colored but was afraid the whole
time I was coloring them that I was going to get the
 black permanent ink on the red glitter paper.
I used an orange Sharpie marker to color his nose.
I didn't snip the tip of the candle flame off this 
time and it looks just like a tiny carrot nose!  So cute!
To finish him off I added a corncob pipe to his mouth
and a snowflake to the hat band that I had glittered up
with fingernail polish. 
If you haven't tried it, glitter nail polish works great for
craft projects.  On this snowflake I used a clear polish with
iridescent flakes.  It not only shines and sparkes but it gives
the paper body (stiffness) which you can then shape.  I also
bought some red and gold glitter polish at the dollar store
which I use to coat the heads of brads, etc. 
Works wonders!
Your going to want to make sure to read the notes section of the
 MTC file as the full instructions with optional assembly
ideas and tips are included.
You can download the MTC file here:

Until next time, 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mrs Claus Tea Light Ornament

I thought Santa needed his mate so I
made a Mrs. Claus Tea Light Ornament!

When I say the pictures don't do this beauty justice I mean it!
She is just as cute as can be in person.
Besides having no photography skills, I usually finish up my
projects when it is dark and have to take pictures under
energy saving light bulb and try to correct
the color and brightness in my photo editing software
which I'm not good at either.
When I made her glasses I used Glossy Accents on the
lenses.  It was looking so good until I got impatient
to put her all together.  I used my heat gun to hurry up
the drying and it started to bubble up.

I don't know if you can see in the picture but there is
definitely texture to her glass lenses.
In the end, I thought it looked like she was outside
in the cold and they frosted up.
Well, that's my story and I'm gonna run with it!
I used a silver glittered cardstock for the frames
of her glasses and I really like how those came out.
I'm not to sure about the mouth piece. On the
next one I may just draw it on and see what it looks like or
just use black cardstock instead of the pink.
I was going to use my sewing machine and do some
decorative stitching on her hat but changed my mind
and used the maribou trim. I trimmed it down so that
it would be the proper scale for the bonnet and I now have
itty bitty feathers all over my craft room.
The full instructions and supply list are in the MTC file
which you can download here:

Until next time, 

Gingerbread Man or Woman Tea Light Ornament

I have another cutie for you today,
a Gingerbread Tea Light Ornament!
(Excuse the bad picture with the shadows)

Your just gonna have to ignore his crooked little face
as this is my prototype. It's 3:38 a.m., I just finished
him up and am to tired to make a good one.
With this file I have included a second set of eyes
and a bow in case you want to make a
Gingerbread girl.
About the bow, you may just want to use
ribbon as the bow I have included isn't
the easiest to put together and a ribbon would
give some dimension.
Hope you enjoy the MTC file
which you can find here to download:

Until next time, 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Elf Tea Light Ornament

Here is the next installment of the tea light ornaments.
A cute little elf.

I wish my pictures were better but it's night and
we use the energy saving bulbs which do
not allow you to take good pictures.
He goes together quickly as there is only 3 pieces to him
not including the eyes.

I was in a hurry to finish him up tonight so I could get him
posted for you all so this isn't my best work.
He's still "wet" and looks cross eyed but you all get
the idea of the basic file. 
I won't be using cotton balls for the trim again as
it was a pain in the but to work with.  I had the cutest
maribou trim but it was a little to large for the brim
of his hat so I went with the cotton as it is what I had
on hand.
I added the little jingle bell to the pom of his hat and
it sounds so sweet .
Here is what he looks like lite up.
And in case you want to know what the back of
the ornaments look like here is the reverse side.
Hope you enjoy the file!
You can find it for download  here:

Until next time, 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Santa Tea Light Ornament

I had such fun making the Rudolph tea light ornament yesterday
that I thought a Santa would be cute too.
This was my first go at making a file from scratch with Inkscape and
then transfering it into the Make The Cut software.
I don't know if you can tell in my crappy pictures how cute this little guy is!
This was my prototype and to my surprise it all fit together
perfectly the first time.
I embossed the beard, mustache, hat brim and hat pom and
shimmer misted them to give the ornament some sparkle.

Again, I cut the tip of the tea light "flame" off and colored it
with a red Sharpie marker.  When it was all put together I
decided to rub a little blush under his eyes with a Q-tip.
If your going to try the blush, I suggest you test it on a
scrap piece of cardstock first as you only need the tiniest
At this point I should have left him alone as he was just
as sweet as could be but, I decided to add more
dimension with a Pearl Pen to the hat and pom. 
As soon as I started I knew it was a mistake!
It distracted from the embossing and Shimmer Mist and spread out to much. 
Then to top it off, I set it to my side to dry and ended up sticking my
elbow in it and messed it up totally.
I will deconstruct this one and start over but I wanted to get the file
uploaded so that you can make your own without waiting for me
to do so.  Christmas is fast approaching and I know everyone
is eager to make their projects now.
You can download the MTC file here:


Until next time, 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rudloph Tea Light Ornament

Over on the Make The Cut forum, someone posted a link to the cutest Rudolph Ornament
that used a tea light to make the nose light up.
I thought the idea was so clever.
I got to thinking that it would be cute just as a Rudolph face too so I got busy
and designed my own.

I really like the way it came out.
I used Make The Cut software to design the ornament.
As I can not draw worth a lick, I only used shapes from within the software
and then some node editing to make the file.
Here is a picture with the lights off and his nose lit up.
If you would like to make your own, here is the MTC file.
Full project instructions and details included in the MTC file.
If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Until next time,