Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dress Form Pin Cushion

Isn't this just too cute?
I came across the instruction for this dress form pin cushion
and just had to make on for myself.

I had the whole pin cushion made in under an hour.
That included the time it took to download the pattern and cut it out.

The base is a candlestick holder from the dollar store.

The instructions called to put a mini Christmas ornament in the
opening at the top but I didn't have any of those (come on it's
October for crying out loud) so I improvised.

I used a thimble to finished it off!
I didn't glue it on so that I would still be able to use it if needed.

I added some lace trim at the bottom to soften the hard line
of the form.

The instructions also included directions to make a fabric flower
to place on the shoulder/chest area but I must be a rebel and
decided to use something I already had made up.
Paper flowers that I had made for card making!
This picture shows the truest colors of my material.
It is very soft and muted.
I had a heck of a time taking the pictures today as it has
been raining all day and it is very dark.

Of course, one flower is never enough so I just kept adding more.

 I made these flowers with quilting pins for bases.
Each flower is an individual pin that can be removed and rearranged or 
taken off completely if I decide I want a different look to
the dress form.

The dress form and flowers look so much better in person.
I just couldn't get the colors correct in my photo software
when I tried to brighten them up.

Should you want to make one of your own, check out
The DIY Dish.

The girls have a fantastic video tutorial along with the downloadable
pattern and instructions.
Here is the direct link:

Until next time, 


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty. You did an excellent job. I made some and put a dowel rod inside with a wooden base, however I do think the candle holder base looks best. Does any know where I could buy cheap metal candle holder bases? I want to use these at my sewing machine and am afraid I would knock the glass off and break it. Thanks, Peggy @

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