Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Try try again!

If at first you don't succeed...

Well, those EZ Pattern pants I blogged about yesterday were not
going to get the best of me.

First thing this morning I was back in the sewing room to make my own
pattern for some pants.  

I cut my fabric to the same dimensions as called for in the EZ Pattern
instructions but winged it from there.

Here are the results of my first trial.
(unironed and unhemmed)

I had bought a bolt of this orange fabric when Walmart 
was closing it's fabric department at our local store.
I'm not sure what I thought I would use it for but it
is great material to make muslins out of.

I think they may be to roomy in the seat/crotch area but I will wait
until I try them on my niece (who is still in diapers) before I
make any alterations to my pattern.

 Now I am off to the lake.
We have a park model trailer there that needs winterizing.
I always dread doing this task as it reminds me that
winter is knocking at the door.

DH will be joining me on Saturday to put the antifreeze in the
water lines. The park I have the trailer in will be installing
new sewer lines during the off season so there are
preparations that need to be done to our lot ahead of time.
I will take care of those during the days and enjoying some
nice campfires at night.

One last summer hurrah at the lake before the
sun sets on this season.
These swans have been at our area of the lake for several years.
I love returning in the spring and seeing their new ducklings.

Until next time, 


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