Friday, October 4, 2013

Witch Treat Box

For day 4 of the treat box series I have for you a witch.
Love those eyelashes!
She is a little more time consuming to put
together because of all the extra pieces to
make her nose, the wart and the eyelashes
but not difficult at all.
Tip: Run a bone folder over the hat before attaching
to make it easier to bend over and glue in place.
Again, you must own Make The Cut software and
a cutting machine to use these files.
You can download the free MTC file here:
Until next time, 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dracula Treat Box

Welcome to day 3 in the 5 part treat box series.
Today I have a Dracula box for you.

I adore his red rimmed eyes
and those bloody little fangs!
As usual, you must own Make The Cut software
and a cutting machine to use these files.
Instructions included in the notes section of the  MTC file.
Download the file here:

Until next time, 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Frankenstein Treat Box

Welcome back for the second in a series of 5 Halloween treat boxes.
Today I have for you Frankenstein.

Another quick to whip up and oh so cute treat container.
To use this file you will need Make The Cut software and
a cutting machine.
Instructions included in the MTC file.
You can download the free MTC here:

Until next time, 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Purple People Eater Treat Box

Hello my crafty friends! 
To start off the Halloween month, I am sharing with you today my
Purple People Eater Treat Box. 
I have seen top note character boxes made from hand punches on several sites
and decided to make files to use with my cutting machine.
Isn't he adorable?

What a great way to use up those scrap paper pieces we all have!
This box is quick to make and will hold plenty of treats for
your special little candy eater!
I will be featuring a new box each day this week.
There will be a Frankenstein, Dracula, Witch and last but
not least, the cutest bat box you ever did see!
 Be sure to stop back and grab those free files too!
Instructions are included in the free MTC file.
To download click here: 
Until next time, 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reindeer Games

Today I am going to show you how I made this cute Reindeer Games sign.
The idea came to me when I was putting together one of my Rudolph Tea Light
Ornaments which you can find for free download a few posts back.
I got to thinking how cute he would be if he had a true round nose and started
looking around my craft room.
I came across some mini ornaments I had left over from a project last Christmas.
They were pink, blue and green and they were the right shape but still to big
to fit the tea light ornament.
Well, one thought led to another and before I knew it I was enlarging the
original Rudolph file so the nose would look in proportion to his face.
Once I got it done I didn't know what I was going to do with a Rudolph head
that big so again, I looked around the craft room and found a sheet of
foam board and the idea of a sign was born.
I posted my sign on the MTC forum and several of the members wanted to
know how it was made so here is a short picture tutorial.
I am just going to show the basics of how it is made.
Make your sign individual to your taste!
The picture below shows the supplies I used to make my sign.
Most of them came from the Dollar Tree.
(You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
The basics you need for your sign are:
1 sheet of foam board
1 small christmas ornament (mine were 1 1/2" diameter)
1 tea light
The enlarged Rudolph file which I have included at the end of this post.
To start, cut and assemble the Rudolph head and set aside to dry.
Next, I cut my piece of foam board in half with an exacto knife.
You can cut it to any size or shape you want.
I then took the red Sharpie marker and ran it around the edges of the
foam board to give it some color and contrast. You could
also use 3/16" ribbon and glue it around the edges.

I also ran the marker around the front edges of my sign too.
I placed the marker on the edge foam board and drug it
all the way around. If you place the tip of the marker as show
in the picture above, you can use the edge as a guide and get
a nice straight line (for the most part anyway).
I took a piece of trim and glued it on the front along the edges
of the marker line I drew. 
This trim covered any imperfections in marker line.
If you make a sign with curves, be sure to use ric-rac trim
or a bendable trim so that it will bend around the curves
without waving and gapping.
Once you have all your trim glued down, set it aside to dry.

As I didn't have a red ornament to use for the nose I made do with
what I had on hand which was a pink ornament.
I took my red Sharpie marker and colored the whole thing.
Once it's dry, you may have to give it another coat.
(If you look close, you can see where I started to color the bottom red.)
If you don't have a red one and have to color your
ornament in this fashion, it is best to use a lighter color one as it
gives the best color.  You can use a darker ornament but as you
can see in the picture below it will make deeper red color.
(The solid red one is the finished pink bulb from above.)

Now take your Rudolph head and position it on the foam board
how you would like. DO NOT GLUE IT DOWN YET!

Take your ornament and place it in the cut out for the nose
in the Rudloph head and push down gently to make an indent
in the foam board. 
Remove the ornament and head piece and score the paper on the
foam board with an exacto knife or the point of scissors.


Place the ornament back over top of the score lines and push down gently
so that you make and impression on the back side of the foam board.
Cut around the impression with an exacto knife or score with scissors
and push the ornament through the paper.

You can now glue your Rudolph head in place to the foam board.
Insert the ornament into the Rudolph head.  You can
glue it in place if you want but I found it stays in place well by
itself and can be removed for storage without the fear of breaking it.

Now just decorate any which way you want.
I used snowflakes from a punch and coated them
with clear glitter nail polish. I adhered them to
my sign with foam dots to give some dimension.
I also have included in the file the Reindeer Games
 wording if you choose to use it
(I also coated the wording with the same nail polish).
Once the front of the sign is finished being decorated,
glue your modified tea light to the back of the sign
I want to use my sign indoors so I added a ribbon hanger.
You could use the same method of adding a hanger
that I include in the MTC files but I chose to add a ribbon
directly to the sign.  To do this I cut a piece of ribbon the
length I wanted. I then took some of my quilting pins
and cut them in half as they were way to long and
would have come out the front of my sign.
I then layed my ribbon in place and pushed the
cut pin into the ribbon and foam board at an
angle so that it is sandwished in between the front and back of the sign. 
Also, make sure to insert the pin from bottom up like in the
picture below.
This way there is no way the weight of
the sign will pull the ribbon loose.
Now all that is left to do is to admire your new sign!
Now, I know that I am not the best at explaining things so,
if you have any questions at all just leave them in the
comment section and I will answer them there
so everyone will benefit.
Here is the MTC file with the enlarged
Rudolph head and the Reindeer Games wording:


Until next time, 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Penguin Tea Light Ornament

Who doesn't love a little penguin at Christmas time?
To add some dimension to this ornament I embossed
his face piece with a swiss dots embossing folder.
I wanted to shape the center of his bow tie with
a stylus before I attached it but forgot.
This ornament is made a little different than the others
as I have removed the flame from the tea light candle so
that just the bulb is left. 
When the ornament is lit, the light shines out from under
and around the beak piece.
I have included full instructions on how to remove the flame 
in the notes of the MTC file which you can download
for free at the end of this post.
Hope you enjoy making a colony of penguins!
Click the link below to download the free MTC file.

Until next time, 

Christmas Owl Tea Light Ornament

Todays cutie is a Christmas Owl.
He goes together quickly once you have all
the pieces cut out.
 I colored the tea light flame orange for his beak.

When making the cut file, I wanted some dimension
to his chest crest (is that what you call it?) so I
added some cut lines and slightly pulled them
up with my fingernail.
I then inked those edges to make make them
stand out more.
If you don't care to ruffle your owl's feathers (pun intended),
I have included in the cut file an optional plain chest crest. 
Wouldn't this little guy look cute made up with
designer Christmas papers?
The back of the ornament is done the same way
as the rest of the ornaments I have posted.
This step isn't necessary but it give such
a nice finished look from the backside.
If you would like to make your own
Christmas Owl Tea Light Ornament
you can download the MTC file here:

Until next time, 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snowman Tea Light Ornament

Are you all sick of these ornaments yet?
If not, today I have made a Snowman Tea Light Ornament.
He didn't come out exactly as planned but he is cute non-the-less.
I think  it has something to do with his eyes being white on
a white background. To remedy this, I went back
and modified my original file to include an optional
black shadow layer for around eyes. 
After he was put together I wished I had run a black
Sharpie marker around them. It would have made them
stand out a little more. 
Being that there isn't a lot of color to him I tried to give
some dimension to the ornament where I could.
To start with I used glitter cardstock for the band on his hat.
It's flat looking in this picture but really does stand out.
I had planned on embossing his hat pieces but got so engrossed
in putting him together I forgot.  I think that would have been real cute.
To add more dimension I used foam dots to make the brim of
his had stand out along the top rim.

If your going to add the foam dots, like I did, color the edges of the dots
before you adhere the brim of the hat to the template.  I wasn't thinking
about the dots being white and they stuck out like a sore thumb when
you looked at the ornament from the top.  I was able to sqeeze a
Sharpie marker in there and get them colored but was afraid the whole
time I was coloring them that I was going to get the
 black permanent ink on the red glitter paper.
I used an orange Sharpie marker to color his nose.
I didn't snip the tip of the candle flame off this 
time and it looks just like a tiny carrot nose!  So cute!
To finish him off I added a corncob pipe to his mouth
and a snowflake to the hat band that I had glittered up
with fingernail polish. 
If you haven't tried it, glitter nail polish works great for
craft projects.  On this snowflake I used a clear polish with
iridescent flakes.  It not only shines and sparkes but it gives
the paper body (stiffness) which you can then shape.  I also
bought some red and gold glitter polish at the dollar store
which I use to coat the heads of brads, etc. 
Works wonders!
Your going to want to make sure to read the notes section of the
 MTC file as the full instructions with optional assembly
ideas and tips are included.
You can download the MTC file here:

Until next time, 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mrs Claus Tea Light Ornament

I thought Santa needed his mate so I
made a Mrs. Claus Tea Light Ornament!

When I say the pictures don't do this beauty justice I mean it!
She is just as cute as can be in person.
Besides having no photography skills, I usually finish up my
projects when it is dark and have to take pictures under
energy saving light bulb and try to correct
the color and brightness in my photo editing software
which I'm not good at either.
When I made her glasses I used Glossy Accents on the
lenses.  It was looking so good until I got impatient
to put her all together.  I used my heat gun to hurry up
the drying and it started to bubble up.

I don't know if you can see in the picture but there is
definitely texture to her glass lenses.
In the end, I thought it looked like she was outside
in the cold and they frosted up.
Well, that's my story and I'm gonna run with it!
I used a silver glittered cardstock for the frames
of her glasses and I really like how those came out.
I'm not to sure about the mouth piece. On the
next one I may just draw it on and see what it looks like or
just use black cardstock instead of the pink.
I was going to use my sewing machine and do some
decorative stitching on her hat but changed my mind
and used the maribou trim. I trimmed it down so that
it would be the proper scale for the bonnet and I now have
itty bitty feathers all over my craft room.
The full instructions and supply list are in the MTC file
which you can download here:

Until next time, 

Gingerbread Man or Woman Tea Light Ornament

I have another cutie for you today,
a Gingerbread Tea Light Ornament!
(Excuse the bad picture with the shadows)

Your just gonna have to ignore his crooked little face
as this is my prototype. It's 3:38 a.m., I just finished
him up and am to tired to make a good one.
With this file I have included a second set of eyes
and a bow in case you want to make a
Gingerbread girl.
About the bow, you may just want to use
ribbon as the bow I have included isn't
the easiest to put together and a ribbon would
give some dimension.
Hope you enjoy the MTC file
which you can find here to download:

Until next time,