Friday, September 16, 2011

Junebugs Everywhere!

This morning I completed another Junebug Dress from the tutorial posted by 

As I had mentioned previously, a friend had given me a LARGE stash
of fabric a long while ago and in it were some very vintage prints.
As fall is quickly approaching here, I wanted to make a dress to
reflect the season that could also be worn well into winter.

Here is the fabric I chose.
Doesn't it just scream Autumn!

And here is my finished dress.

Although I have never sewn it before, I decided to try rick rack
around the chest flap. I love the look but wasn't to happy
with the way I sewed it on.  Need to find a tutorial on how to round 
corners with it.  I couldn't get it to lay flat so I ended up sewing it to
each side and trimming it. When I turned it right side out, 
the trim pulled in even though I clipped and trimmed the corners.

I couldn't believe I found the exact shade of trim as was in the dress.
I know it looks orange but it is more of a burnt orange color.
The buttons matched up pretty well too.

Once I had the dress completed, I felt that the bottom looked a 
little bare so I added a row of rick rack about 2.5 inches from the bottom.

As with the last Junebug dress, I made the sleeves longer and
added wide lace to them.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will fit my great niece, CiCi.
I enlarged it to an approximate size 4.
Although she is only 2 years old, she is, ummm...lets say a healthy
little dumpling. She is not overweight but, is fuller in the waist and
upper body than most toddlers her age.

Sorry my pictures are so bad.  The sun was shining when I started taking
them but then the clouds came in when I was finishing up.

Thanks again Jess for such a wonderful, easy to follow tut!

Until next time, 


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